Linen Rental Services – Setting the Standard for Restaurant & Catering Industries!

D&D Industrial Services Inc.D&D is a leading provider of Linen Rental Services in the Boardman / Youngstown, OH area. Professionally laundered linens add a touch of class, elegance, and comfort to your business. Environmentally friendly, reusable linens speak clearly to your customers about the kind of conscientious, quality-minded business that you run. We offer full table linens (table cloths), and matching napkins. Our experience goes into the cleaning, handling, and delivering of linens, and no matter what your linen rental needs are, D&D Industrial Services has a product that fits.

D&D Industrial Services also offers a wide variety of towel rental services. If you are in the hospitality industry, you go through a tremendous number of towels to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchens, bathrooms and other facilities. Let D&D keep you fully stocked with freshly laundered, clean dish towels, bar towels, grill towels and glass towels.


D&D Industrial Services Inc.We provide a full line of clean linens and towels delivered weekly, which include some of the following:


D&D Industrial Services provides Linen Rental Services to Boardman and Youngstown, OH and the surrounding area.

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